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Our doves are our family.

About Us

White Rock Dove ( Homing Pigeon)


Customers are also very concerned about the doves and the release.  Keene Dove Release is very concerned about the well-being of our birds.  A great deal of training and upkeep is needed to condition the doves.  The doves and pigeons belong to the Columbidae Family.  The Ringneck Dove, Ring Dove, or Barbary Dove, (Streptopelia Risoria), is a small domestic variety that one would buy at a local pet store.  The Rock Dove or Rock Pigeon ( Columna Liva) comes in many different breeds, and the doves we raise and release are the White Homing Pigeon which is very similar to a White Dove.


The White Rock Dove (Homing Pigeon) is a little larger and stronger than the Ringneck dove and has the unique ability to return to their home when released.  This is the only breed of Rock Dove with this ability.


Our doves are more than our employees, they are our family. When they are not happy, they are not likely to return to the safety and comforts of their home.


Our white doves are very well cared for and enjoy a very comfortable lifestyle. The roomy loft is cleaned daily. The loft is sunny and free of drafts. They are fed and watered twice daily.  When not working they enjoy  “free flight time” at least once daily. The birds enjoy a bath several times a week to help keep them clean and white. The feed is carefully controlled for maximum health and they receive a special treat after each release. All birds are vaccinated to insure that they are always healthy and ready to perform. As you can see, our birds are part of our family and get excellent care, causing no threat to humans or animals.


A lot of time, effort, and money go into the training and care of these birds. They go through an intense training period starting at 8 weeks of age. Their training is never ending and the birds love it.  They are flyers and love to perform for you.


If you have additional questions about the care of the Doves or any questions in general please call or email Keene Dove Release.  We are always excited to discuss pigeons with you.