Terms and Conditions


Because our doves are precious, we will take every precaution to protect them and assure their safety. We raise well-trained,  well cared for white doves from white racing pigeon  stock.  These are also known as Rock Doves or Columba livia.


Therefore, when you order doves from us, you must understand and agree to the following:

Release Conditions

We will not release birds if the conditions become unsafe. Therefore, we will not release birds indoors, or at night. If conditions become unacceptable for the release to take place due to bad weather, acts of God, or any situation not conductive for safe flying a refund will be provided. Birds in the display cages may still be part of your celebration.


A coordinator must be present; we will not ship birds for self-release.


A booking fee of $ 75.00 is due at the time of reservation. The remainder is due 30 days before your event. In the case of cancellation, the  deposit will be refunded less the $75.00 booking fee. The exact terms will be specified on your contract.


We promise to do everything possible to assure the best quality White Dove Release possible. It is important that you communicate to us your wishes so that we can better serve you.