Special Events

The White Dove Symbolizes Celebration

A Keene Dove Release Makes Your Event Meaningful & Memorable

White doves have always symbolized celebration, love, happiness, prosperity, unity and hope. They represent peace, serenity, and new beginnings. Their beauty is breathtaking as they ascend into the sky, circle your special event.


A white dove release is certain to provide a memorable moment that you, your family, and friends will cherish for a lifetime. Guests cannot help feel a sense of wonder, awe and hope for the future when they see these beautiful creatures fly gracefully into the sky.


At Keene Dove Release, we specialize in making your event memorable and meaningful. Whether you are celebrating a milestone in the life of your family, highlighting a business achievement, or making a special event for your organization, we will help you make it special.

A Dove Release for Special Events

Make the milestones in your life unforgettable.

Some of the typical events where white doves turn a ceremony into an unforgettable event are:

• Proposals, Engagement Parties

• Valentine’s day

• Funerals,Weddings, Anniversaries

• Grand Openings

• Graduations

• School Events

• Vow Renewals

• Half-time shows

• Company Picnics

• Charity Events

• Bar Mitzvahs

Gift Certificates


Want to give the gift of a white dove release for that special event? At Keene Dove Release, we will be happy to prepare a gift certificate for the appropriate Dove Release Package.

Dove Release Gift Certificates

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