The White Dove represents Love and Fidelity.


Throughout history the white dove has represented purity and fidelity. On this special day as you stand before God, the love of your life, your family and friends, the message of unity, strength and love resonates for all to see, as the doves are released and soar up toward the heavens.


Doves choose a mate and then remain together through life. For this reason, doves are associated with the love and fidelity expressed in wedding vows. A beautiful, tasteful dove release will help make your wedding a day you will never forget.

Ancient Cultures

This symbol has been shared by many cultures across many centuries. An early Greek or Roman groom gave a dove to his bride as a symbol of his love for her. To the Chinese, doves may represent lovers. Doves are also symbolic of fertility and maternal devotion.

Keene Dove Release Packages

The newlyweds are first represented by a pair of doves as they are released into the world to fly together and find their way home. Their family and friends attending this celebration, to share the many blessings, best wishes and support, is then represented by the release of the flock of doves. The doves will circle above the celebration and fly back to their roost, just as the new husband and wife have said their vows and begin their life’s journey with the support of their family and friends.

Unity Keene Dove Release

Unity Dove Release


Two white doves will be released at the appropriate time by the bride and groom. The basket will be handed to the couple and they will release the two doves into the heavens as part of the ceremony, after the ceremony or at a designated time during the event.

Unity Dove Release plus the Trinity Dove Release


Two white doves released from a basket followed by the release of three additional birds. The three birds represent the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The doves will meet in the heavens and then return to their roost.

Family and Friends Release plus the Unity Release and the Trinity


Immediately after the Unity Dove Release and the Trinity Dove Release an additional 10 pure white doves will be released giving representation to family, friends and loved ones.

Live Dove Display Cage


Two doves displayed in a beautifully decorated cage, placed at an agreed location prior to the guests arriving.

Bride’s Special



  • The Unity Dove Release
  • The Trinity Dove Release
  • The Family and Friends Release
  • The Live Display Cage


Customize your Special Dove Release. This is your special day. Keene Dove Release will do everything within our power to customize your dove release. Please call and describe your ideas for the release. Your day – your way!!!

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